Author name: J. Rokusson

A history in snapshots

Looking back through the years, it’s somehow fairly obvious I find myself here, an author of fantasy books. But then again, who on earth decides to write a book out of the blue, just to tick a ‘done it’ box? I thought I’d share a few of the checkpoints I passed along this journey. I …

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Writing Workshop

During my career as an archaeologist, I’ve tutored many a colleague. Perhaps tutored is too big a word even; teaching and learning are an integral part of the job, and we all do both. When I first started learning how to write attractive prose, I found myself visiting certain Facebook groups on a regular basis, …

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Put up or shut up

Put up or shut up

I take my time with serious decisions. I need to mull things over for a while, to make them real. And now, here I am, having chosen the path of most resistance: I’m going to put all my effort into self-publishing this first novel. The manuscript has since been handed off to a professional line/copy editor, …

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The money pit

The money pit

Before I can either submit my first book to a second round of querying agents and/or publishers, or just straight out self-publish, there is one major hurdle yet to take, and it has nothing to do with writing. Up until now, I’ve invested relatively little money into the project. The website Fiverr provided me with …

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Back to the beginning

My first ever blog post. I wish I could convey just how uncomfortable I am with the whole concept of an online presence. Some of you might know of my google-free phone, and my attempts to hide from every internet conglomerate. But, I’ve been told that writers without an online presence have gone extinct. My …

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