During my career as an archaeologist, I’ve tutored many a colleague. Perhaps tutored is too big a word even; teaching and learning are an integral part of the job, and we all do both. When I first started learning how to write attractive prose, I found myself visiting certain Facebook groups on a regular basis, scouring them for beta readers, and advice on any topic concerning publishing. I also tried to help other aspiring authors with their writing whenever I could, dealing out advice and tips I found helpful.

The best advice I can ever give you, would be to join the Online Writing Workshop. It’s a gathering of authors and aspiring authors, sharing their work so that others might critique it. It’s chapter-based, so no whole novels. I’ve gotten some invaluable criticism from its members, and it placed me fully onto the road towards learning how to write. 

Although I didn’t post all my chapters there, I did receive an Editor’s Choice for the first chapter of both my first and second book. Nothing to gloat about, to be sure, they get picked not only because there is promise present, but also to show other writers where you might benefit from some extra attention. 

An additional benefit was to not only point out my growth, but also an indication I was approaching the much coveted – and entirely self-proclaimed – ‘publication-ready’ tier. I must warn you, they do serious business there, and so-called ‘rough drafts’ are frowned upon. Do your utmost, and you’ll be rewarded in the end. 

Don your thickest hide, and bring sharpened pencils!


Redoge Afghanistan

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